Thursday, July 16, 2009

Technology sucks!

My computer seems to have picked up some weird virus! I think we fixed it this time (knock on wood!), but we aren't all that sure. It doesn't seem to be eating anything, it just holds my computer hostage. I can't get to anything, and it's really frustrating.

It started with a pop-up telling my my computer was threatened, and would I like to Heal, Ignore, etc. I chose Heal, thinking it was my anti-virus software. My computer locked up for a bit, then everything seemed to be fine. I got offline right away. The next day, things seemed fine, til I tried to get online. That's when it locked up, and a pop-up for an anti-virus software kept pinging. The hubby checked online, and it seems to be a scam to get money. We found a download to get rid of it, but it happened again. I really hope that we got rid of it for good this time! Is it weird to sometimes really hate technology? Hopefully, I'll be back with some summer and home school posts. Hope you guys are having fun!


Jason said...

Hi Carrie - I know its been awhile since your last anti-virus adventures. Let me know if you need some help, and I can sort you out. Hopefully you can blog about the help to fix your computer :)

Amber, That's Me! said...

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